Sunday, July 21, 2013

In David's words: How I ate a Scorpion

We went to a museum and at the start, there were these suckers that had bugs in them. For example, scorpions and cockroaches and grasshoppers, and they were edible, like the carcass. After the trip to the museum, my mom let me buy a scorpion in a sucker.

At first, I was going to just lick it and keep the carcass for myself. But it started to break. So, I ate it.

It didn't taste like much. But what I did know - it was crunchy.

That is how I ate a scorpion.

By, David


  1. So? How did it taste?

    1. He says it didn't taste like anything, really - just crunchy.

      I was pretty proud of him. He tends to get grossed out easily, so I didn't think he'd do it (but I knew he wanted to). I think he decided the coolness factor was worth it :). Now he gets to tell people he ate a scorpion.