2013-2014 Curriculum and Resources

All the reading and planning and researching are coming together! Here's what we'll be using this year for my kids in 3rd grade, 1st grade and Pre-K.

Together Stuff
  • Song School Latin - continued from last year
  • Composer/Music Study - SQUILT (Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time) Volume 1: Baroque Period from Homegrown Learners
  • Artist Study - still working on Artist study plans, but we'll do picture study Charlotte Mason style and probably read a bit about each artist (the Mike Venezia books are great for this) and do some art projects from Discovering Great Artists
  • Poetry Teatimes - ala Bravewriter

  • History and Geography - the Middle Ages through living books and MapTrek

David - 3rd Grade

Grayson - 1st Grade

Ella - Pre-K

Those are our plans for the upcoming school year! I have that wonderful "my-curriculum-is-fresh-and-shiny" feeling right now - so full of possibility! I'm excited to get started and start living out our plans. Hopefully we'll enjoy what I have lined up and find a good rhythm for our year. Looking over what I have laid out, I like where we're headed. Hopefully the minions will agree with me!

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  1. I love that fresh and shiny feeling at the start of each year. Have a wonderful time. Learning is such a fun adventure to share with our children.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Thank you for using SQUILT this year! I'd love to hear how you like it as you progress through the curriculum! :-)

    1. I'm very excited to give it a try! I hope you have more coming!

  3. Oooo, I've gone through 20 or 30 blogs linked from the NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop, and you are the first that I've seen mention Brave Writer at all, let alone the new Partnership Writing book. I feel like we are automatically kindred spirits for that alone!

    We're actually almost through the first project in Partnership Writing, and I love to see how they get excited to write and write and write. I knew code writing would be a huge hit with my spy loving boys.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing on the NOT Back-to-School Blog Hop.

    1. Oh yes, I'm a Brave Writer fan girl for sure. I have read through The Writer's Jungle several times and each time I get more good ideas. I'm very excited to start the writing projects! We did quite a few from Jot It Down last year (and will probably draw from that resource again this year). Good stuff!! I think my boys are going to love the code writing project too. And it is something I probably would never have thought of on my own. Love it!

  4. ... ever the girl playing catch-up with emails. Just getting around to reading your plan of attack! Looks great, Claire. Best wishes for an amazing year! Hope you're loving your new community, too!