Wednesday, September 3, 2014

First day of school!

I don't know about you, but we had a great summer. There have been so many things I've wanted to write about, but I was a little busy this summer writing a book. (Squee!) We had a summer full of sun and play and lots and lots and lots of free time. My writing frenzy translated into a lot of play outside time for my kids - definitely a good, old fashioned summer. They spent quarters at garage sales, held a lemonade stand, rode bikes, climbed trees and played countless games with their friends in the neighborhood.

All good things must come to an end, and today we joined the ranks of families going back to school. Although by "going" I mean "going downstairs." 

This year I have a fourth grader, a second grader and a kindergartner. It is still sinking in that my youngest baby is five years old and I no longer have a preschooler. I've had at least one child in preschool (or at preschool level) since like 2008. It is crazy to think that my kids are all in the elementary zone.

This is our fourth year of homeschooling (which also seems crazy), and I've learned a lot about what works for us and what doesn't. I've learned that simplicity is a good thing, over-planning (which is my natural tendency) is rarely worth it, my kids come up with better project ideas than I do, and I have to pace myself with read alouds or I lose my voice (that's one I was reminded of today). 

We'll be tackling more writing projects, US history and geography, astronomy and probably some life science later in the year, a lineup of fun books to read and dissect, as well as the mainstays like math and reading and handwriting. 

I'm excited to start another school year with my kids. Every year is different, and we adapt and change, finding new ways to learn and have fun. I don't exactly run a Pinterest-worthy homeschool, but we delve deep into our interests, experience a lot of interesting things, and spend a ton of time creating and building. Like I always say to people who ask me about homeschooling, it works well for our family.

Heck, it works AWESOME for our family.

I'd love to be among those posting cute first day of school pictures of my kids, but so far I have not convinced two of the three to get dressed, so pictures will have to wait. I'm not gonna lie, clothing is definitely optional at the Frank Academy of Awesomeness (although underwear is required).

Happy first day of school! 

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