Sunday, August 4, 2013

A friend with an urgent need - please help!

In an effort to try to get the word out in any way possible, I'm sharing this here - just in case someone else might see this.

A dear friend of mine left her abusive husband about six months ago. She is now a single mom to three young children. Her courage in leaving him was great - it was a terrible, terrible situation and it still amazes me she lived through it, and is now on the other side.

Only, she isn't really. Not yet.

Her legal fees are mounting rapidly. He has caused her to spend an enormous amount of money already (with incessant phone calls, emails and requests to her lawyer, which her lawyer has to respond to, and thus charges her for), and now he is trying to get custody of the children. This man, who abused her in every way imaginable for over a decade is still trying to victimize her. Because of the protection order, he can't get to her physically, so he's going for her where it really hurts - their children.

She needs to raise $1200 by Monday the 12th. Because of his constant emails and phone calls to her lawyer, she's spent all her money and more. There is an important hearing on the 12th and it is critical that she continue to have legal representation. This man CANNOT get custody of those children. She needs help so she can continue to protect herself, and them, from his violence and abuse.

Please consider donating to help her with her legal fees. This is a chance to help a family in need - a family who has already suffered so much. Please consider helping, and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, your blog - anything. The more the word gets out, the more people who can possibly come to her aid.

I know her - she is a dear friend and in desperate need of help. Please consider it. The link is below.

Thank you!

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