Thursday, April 25, 2013

Enjoying some April sunshine

The weather has been fantastic here this week, and we've taken full advantage. Yesterday we launched into some physics (pun intended), learning about Newton's Third Law of Motion - every action has an equal and opposite reaction, or more simply, "push pushes back." This had us pushing open doors and moving heavy furniture, to feel the backward push, and then outside to blow up balloons and let them go. We finished up by launching some air rockets and talking about how they work and how they compare to rockets and jet engines.

The weather was so great, I couldn't stand the thought of going inside, so it was math on the patio for us!

Today was our "not-school" picture day with our homeschool group. My good friend owns Giggle and Click Photography, and she took pictures of some of our homeschool group families today. It was a great day for it - sun shining, flowers in bloom. She posted a preview of one already and I'm really excited to see them all!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at a park with friends, watching our weird, unsocialized homeschool kids run and play together. Our poor, sheltered children - they really ought to get out more :).

Tomorrow we have Nature Club - a huge favorite of my kids. Another day outside! Hooray! This is what happens when us Pacific Northwesterners get a little sunshine - we get a little nutty. But after months of gray and rain, the sun is so soothing to my soul.

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