Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Field Day!

One of the things that has made our first two years of homeschooling so wonderful is our homeschool group. By now it is no secret that we are moving in a couple of months, and our homeschool group is one of the things I hate to leave the most. It is a big, active group of families and we have enjoyed a host of amazing field trips, classes and activities with them.

Last week we had our (now) annual field day and BBQ. It is a fun way to celebrate the end of a school year and beginning of summer - and our kids get the chance to play some larger group games with friends.

We had sack races, three-legged races, a partner-balloon race, and a fill-the-bucket-with-a-sponge race. The games were capped off by a giant water balloon fight. We had hundreds of water balloons and the kids had a blast throwing them at each other. I even got caught up in the madness - and once an adult enters the foray, they are an instant target. It was a lot of fun!

David and Anna practicing for the three-legged race
They are such a cute little pair

Ella running with her sponge

Filling the bucket - this was her favorite game

Three-legged sack race
Ella and a little friend playing the partner balloon race (no hands!)

Grayson getting ready for the sack race

Go Grayson, go!

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