Monday, May 20, 2013


Our Nature Club recently hosted a ladybug release. We met at a park and several families brought packages of ladybugs. We were able to open them and let the kids gently catch them on little piece of card stock and then release them onto the plants and trees at the park.

There's not much to wax on about this time - mostly a chance for gratuitous pictures of my cute kids. In other words, this post is for you, Mom.

Ella was a little nervous to touch the cards with ladybugs on them, so she made me do it.

David had fun with the ladybugs; he also did a lot of running around with his friends.

Grayson let them crawl all over him. He actually spent the most time with the ladybugs; the other two finished up and headed for the playground before Grayson was done.

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